Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Still alive!

It's been over a year since I posted! What the heck?!

Right now I'm very much missing my old blog, which I largely used to unload and vent and complain about stuff. Having a place to vent is pretty useful sometimes. I've been working at Colorado State University since April 2013. It's mostly good but the last week has been especially difficult. I'm experiencing the joys of being a whistleblower, and the crushing feelings of guilt and betrayal that go along with that. Hopefully it will all blow over but for now I'm pretty unhappy. General emotional instability is making me feel constantly weepy and prone to bouts of crying. Last night at the grocery store I caught sight of the Apple Jacks and started crying for Jazzy, who's been gone for over 7 years now. Sheesh.

Focus on the good! I've been having such a good time watching eagle nests on webcams. The Berry College (Georgia) nest has one eaglet, and he's the cutest little drunkenly swaying thing! Watch Here

Then there's the Decorah, Iowa nest. I've watched this one for several years. It's still just eggs at this point but hatching should happen in the next couple of weeks. Mom and Dad are beautiful and fierce.

First tiny peek of crocus leaves coming up in our garden this week. I have big plans to install one raised bed for vegetables in this spring, down the hill near the gully. Seems like a good way to hide one of the (many) burn scars. I've been pinning ideas for building raised beds on slopes, like this:

[Image from]

Hopefully we can build it with logs. The one thing we have NO shortage of, is logs! TMCH and I are trying hard to reuse and harvest items from our land whenever we can. Plus, I picked up a few bags of free compost from Whole Foods last year. Free is good!

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